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Cracklin' 28-06-2005 12:18 AM

Imagine The Paradise Of Christ!
seeker wrote:
William your shooting your mouth too much all of a sudden. If you were once
a Mormon you should know
the difference between the JW;s beliefs and the LDS.

It seems you have no idea really about the Jw's except
the foolishness you keep posting, yes you quote this that and the other
attacking the Witnesses but your Scriptural proof does not hold except the
usual interpretation of manmade beliefs.following the crowd

There is no sense in posting back and and saying
you challenge, or this that and the other, we have read
your postings many times and when compared to Scripture it falls short.
"Let GOD be found true though every man a liar"

"william" wrote in message
news:[email protected]

"seeker" wrote in message
news:[email protected]

Reason for all the negativity and false teachings.
as stated by Precision. JOHN 3:19

So do you believe that Mormonism is just as true as the JW? Do you believe
they both worship the same God, maybe before you shoot your mouth off you
might want to ask a Mormon what he thinks about the JW.

Maybe if you would run your brain as much as you run your mouth you would
look into what they believe and find you that they think all churches but
theirs are the whore of the earth. Obviously you confuse truthfulness with
negativity, all I can say is stop crying like a little girl and face up
the fact that allot of churches are being very deceptive. Not only the LDS
and JW but even some mainstream churches, such as vineyard, Rodney Howard
Brown, Kenneth Copeland just to name a few.

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OrgTechPhone: +1-301-601-7205

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