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Susan H. Simko 14-04-2003 04:20 PM

'nuff she says *grin*
at least for a day or so.

I went to Lowes for Chyrsler Imperial. No CI but I did bring home
another DD. One gallon, blooming. Instant gratification! I snipped
the blooms after I got the DD in the ground. I figure the rose needs
its energy to develop roots not feed blooms so I'm doingit a favour...

And since we had to stop at Walmart for antihistamines for the s.o.
while we were in north Raleigh to buy a PC TV external device, and they
just happened to have a bunch of cheap bag roses in the parking lot, I
came home with Chrysler Imperial and Paradise. If they end up having to
be shovel pruned due to nonperformance, I'll only be out $4.50 so it
won't be a big deal. They are also segregated from the other roses as
they are on the left side of the embankment with DD and Pristine on the

I was playing wiht my digital camera this weekend and took some shots of
the yard, house and garden. They're destined to go on my test web
server once I get the server and the content management system back up.
(I'm actually killing time on my XP Pro setup while reinstalling the
part of LINUX destroyed recently while I was experimenting.)

s h simko at duke dot edu

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