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Jane 15-04-2003 04:08 AM

replanting new roses?I"M BACK!
Hi Shiva! Thanks for the good advice. I think I'll make them a nice mound of
soil and collar them with flexible edging for this yucky as it
sounds I'll be able to leave them in for a time so they can get some PEACE.
hehe...I've been out of town sorry it took mne so long to say thank you.
How are your lovelies doing?

"Shiva" wrote in message
On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 12:46:16 GMT, "Jane"

Hi people,
I'm thinking my roses are still planted too high for my climate and even
though I just put them in a few weeks ago, I was thinking I should re

them deeper. Additionally, I'm considering adding a little extra soil
lightners, since we seem to be under constant rain here and I worry that
their feet will be too wet as they are... Since they're looking alive,
leafing out a little, when may I do this without stressing them more than
they can handle?
Thanks in advance,
Jane in 6b, MD

Jane--isn't there a way you could plant them high and still have the
bud unions covered? Some sort of foot-high "collar" you could put
around the plants, at the drip line, that would hold mounded earth and
mulch in the fall and all the way through the winter? You have two
problems--drainage being the worst, I think, and cold being second. It
seems like the "collar" idea might be a good compromise.

If you really want to move replant them I think I would wait until the
fall--they are just about to do their spring thing!

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