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tizfreespirit 22-07-2009 06:21 PM

Have I been very lucky.
Im not sure!!! A Friend bought me a bunch of roses for my birthday from Sainsburies -I have never had shop bought roses open, and to be honest I thought oh I wish she hadn't wasted her money , these did not only open to there fullest 3 weeks on I still have 4 still giving pleasure. I think because the feed that came with them was specifically for roses. Today I was taking out those that had completely died off, I noticed that the dark crimson roses and one yellow rose have actually got a sprout coming out of the side, I broke off a few of these and put them in a pot, well I am an optimistic person. However now I am wondering if I should have done that, I still have shoots on stems and am wondering if i should have left them on there, and planted the stem. Soooo advice please.

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