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Default Statement on Spam and

Spam from (Or

You may have received spam email recently that appears to come from our
campaign, or be about our campaign -- perhaps the "From" and or
"Reply-to" addresses look like they are coming from Or
perhaps you have received a message that appears to come from an
individual (if the address is real, the real owner probably did not send
this email either) with suppressed recipients. Or maybe you received an
email that appeared to come from yourself promoting our site.

These messages are NOT from Nader for President 2004, and these email
tactics are NOT condoned by our campaign in any way.

UPDATE: Some of the latest forged emails have been made to appear to be
coming from Again, we are not responsible for this
unfortunate abuse of email, and there is little in the technical sense
that we can do to prevent this as it has nothing to do with our actual
infrastructure. We are collecting information.

NOTE: The emails with malicious code (viruses, worms, etc.) often have
attachments. Our campaign will NEVER send attachments in our
announcement emails to you. Please be sure that you have anti-virus
software and have the latest updates available for your anti-virus

Our hosting service has alerted us to say that Nader for President 2004
appears to be the target of what is called a "Joe Job." Such an event is
where a spammer forges email to make it appear to have come from some
other domain (such as ours -- or yourself). This is hard to prevent on
our end and part of the insecure nature of the email protocol in

Members of our actual email list must request to receive email from us
(either through Ralph's signup sheets or subscribing during our
exploratory phase, or now on our campaign site). When one signs up for
email they must reply to a confirmation message before they receive our
list announcements.

Our public announcement emails come from ,"
contain a "Paid for by Nader for President 2004" statement at the
bottom, and have " in the "To:" header.
Unfortunately, some of these indicators can be forged as well.

Most of the Spam that we have received complaints about appear to be
forged from email addresses not associated with (often
forged to appear to be coming from government email addresses), and have
our website code embedded in the body of the email with hidden tags that
contain random words that work to subvert anti-spam software.

If you are on our lists, you can ALWAYS unsubscribe at ANY time by
following the instructions included at the end of our announcements. You
can also use our unsubscribe page using the email address you signed up

If you are receiving this SPAM, we extend our apologies.

We will pursue the spammers to the full extent of the law.

For more information, please review these resources:

How Do I Determine the Source of an Email?

Why Does This Spam Look Like I Sent It?

Coping with a Joe Job

Please contact with any questions. We have received
many samples of the spam and are working to identify the source, if

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an end to this Conspiracy theory?s real script
now: but the story will continue, I want you all to see how jews control
the society and opinion, how they create and control opinions, and where
we all went wrong.

Last updated : Thursday, June 19, 2003 10:39
This page in underconstruction

People I am a human being, I am telling you all how I was raped by Jews,
only because I did not sleep around, people did these

People I want to do you think I have no feelings.

This man had frequent meetings with people who are working for Amir
Butler (another oragnised terrorist) to frame Muslims and Christians in

I do just day before my departure, he came to mosque to confirm and
somehow he got the impression that I will not be going, he suddenly felt
bad, he said he had arranged my murder in Pakistan and he also wanted to
teach me a lesson, what Jewish lesson is that Abu Omar why don't you
tell us today. And how many jews have I raped, and kidnapped till today.

Traveling to other country, I met him sometimes he comes to Melbourne
and other times to Sydney, Are you sure you are going I would like him
to go and I would like to teach him a lesson. Lawrence McMahn has the
proof. You all have to listen to us, China Town story

All these things that happened to me or are happening to me have been
the fate of Muslim for decades, I have seen children being forced to
take biological weapons if they don't sleep around. The children who are
living in invisible Jail in Muslim countries, their crime is very
simple, they are born in Muslim families. Biological weapons that will
kill them with sicknesses like Sugar, blood clotting and circulation
problems. These Jews have been raping Islam for decades, because of
their jealousy, or probably because we were born to be their slaves.

Mahmud Kurchu gave me in

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