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Old 25-05-2003, 05:56 PM
Archimedes Plutonium
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Default History of Farming & petrol folly will there be a uranium folly???

Too bad the history of farming is mostly written not by objective scientists
such as myself but by the people with their hands in the farming moneymill.
Too bad
that the agriculture state universities which every state of the union has do
not really do science research in agriculture but do "special interest group
propaganda" whether it is the chemical herbicide interest group or the
interest group etc etc. One of the worst interest lobby groups is the state
governments of the Farm-States which had a key role in the last presidential

The true history of farming was that there was no Oil-Folly Farming before
the 1900s but the century of the 1900-1999 was the century of Oil Folly
Farming. Will there yet be a Uranium-Folly Farming where oil is depleted and
the Farm States build nuclear power plants and have electric lines and cords
strewn all over the farm states in order to raise crops?

You see, farming never really tried to find out the MAXIMUM of conventional
farming before oil based farming came along in 1900s.

The idea that if you space concrete block with a proper spacing that the
between the block will be all the natural fertilizer you will ever need and
you never need any Chemical company. That you hand mow or use a draftanimal
to pull a mower between the rows. That you never need to plow any field. That
you never need to apply any fertilizer or insecticide because you have

Experiment: take you vegetable garden with its chemical fertilizer and its
chemical pesticides and with its rototiller gasoline driven to plow the
Now, instead take a ConcreteBlock vegetable garden. This is a mowed piece
of ground. You go out there and space concrete block to your desired spacing.

You then dig up just enough soil with your spade of an amount that your
block rests on. And you plant a young tomato plant or a few seeds into the
hole of one of two holes of the concrete block. The block acts like a pot. A
without a bottom so to speak. There, you are finished in planting a tomato
plant. Now all you do is mow all summer long around the concrete block
and pull the weeds or shear the weeds in the hole of the block. Total cost
your tomato plant is just the cost of the concrete block. No rototiller cost,

no gasoline cost, no insecticide cost, no herbicide cost.

If the history of Farming had never introduced any gasoline then the history
of farming would have found out the ConcreteBlock Method. But because
gasoline arrived in history in the 20th century, then farming was never able
to **realize** the maximum potential of nongasoline farming. The maximum
potential of nongasoline farming is ConcreteBlock Farming where the only
cost is the concreteblock themselves.

ConcreteBlock were made long before gasoline century of the 20th century
so do not harp about the cost of making concrete block. Farmers industrious
enough can even make their own clay block on their farms.

I would never be talking about ConcreteBlock Farming if the future did not
a Fusion-Barrier-Principle. In other words there will never be a Fusion
Future and that once the oil is gone and once the uranium and thorium is
well, the lights go out and we are left with nothing but renewable energy.
is thousands of years in the future, but if anyone were to ask Democritus or
or Aristotle that a thousand years in the future is a long ways away, well,
we are
thousands of years in the future of Aristotle. So, with the snap of a finger
we are
all dead and it is the year 5003 and not 2003.

In the year 5003 because of the FusionBarrierPrinciple. Oil is rare, and
none available to drive tractors for farming. Oil is so rare that some is
artificially from Uranium Fission Power Plants. But Uranium is becoming
also. By 5003 we are actually cargo hauling Uranium from Mars to Earth.

And what are the farmfields of Ohio and Iowa look like in 5003? Well I will
you. Do not hold me exactly to the year 5003 but sometime in the future the
fields of Ohio and Iowa will have no tractors. Will never apply any
They may well have biotech seeds. But the fields will be smaller per farmer
and there will be many more horses and donkeys around to pull reel type
mowers. The fields will be geometrically patterned and spaced with concrete
block. The type of block used in building houses of 16X8X8 with its 2 holes.
They are spaced so that the mowing of weeds between block provide all the
fertilizer that the plant inside the block will need to grow.

Spacing of block for corn or tomatoes would be different from the spacing of
block for soybeans. The spacing of block for alfalfa is zero because alfalfa
is *self-fertilizing*. And the need of University AGGIe schools is needed to
find out exactly what the spacing of block should be for corn versus

So, the future fields of Ohio and Iowa will be that of concreteblock spaced
geometrically so that the grass and weeds between the block provide the
fertilizer for the coveted plants inside the block holes. Planting time each
year will be to fill one or both holes of each block with a crop plant.

Farms of the future will be much smaller and more people will be working
in farming and agriculture. This planet Earth can support only about 2
billion people on its **Renewable Energy** and that the population of 2003
with its 7 billion people is because the human species is grotesquely
its limited oil reserves. Most humans do not yet know that there is a LIMIT
to energy and it is the Fusion Barrier Limit. Humans like spoiled school
in a ice cream parlor are eating away all the ice cream because it is free.
will be sick afterwards and nothing gained, only a big mess to clean up

Archimedes Plutonium,
whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots
of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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