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Archimedes Plutonium 29-05-2003 06:23 AM

corn, potatoes, cucumbers the ConcreteBlock Method
I decided to not wait until next year to experiment with corn,
cucumbers, potatoes
with the Concrete Block method of farming.

So yesterday bought some corn and cucumber seeds and some potatoes to
eyes and plant. I laid out several rows of concreteblock in my grass
yard and
then spaded a row and placed the block along that line. Then I drilled
one seed
per hole into the concrete block. It took 1 hour to do the entire job
and to even
water it afterwards. Concrete block holes are easy to water. I set the
contiguous so that the lawnmower hugs the sides and weeding the holes is

I have a feeling as to how corn will do this method but to wait another
year is
silly and so decided to try it this year.

I have about 200 tomato plants in concreteblock rows. Some are beginning
outgrow their hole and I suspect by next month to aggressively begin to
out along the lawn. There will come a time when mowing by hugging the
block will be impossible and then the tedious chore of going in there
shearing the weeds growing amoung the tomato vines. But the block always

tell me exactly where the trunk of the plant is and I can just weed
around the

My asparagus have been inside concrete block for 2 years now and they
doing splendid. I do need to get more of those metal rods so that fallen
huge asparagus are not annoying during mowing.

And every year I keep new bulbs of tulips inside block to protect them
the mower.

And all my new young trees planted have a block on their north side so I
where they are throughout the year especially winter. I do that as a
marker until
the tree is tall enough.

For all those people who have gardens and have enough money to afford
concrete block should try the ConcreteBlock method for their gardens.
will be surprized at how much easier those block make their work.

I believe as the price of petrol continues to rise because it is a
limited resource, that someday in the future, all petrol based
agriculture will have to return to
nonpetrol methods. And that is where ConcreteBlock will be the Optimal
Farming Method. When all tractors and petrol operating machinery is
out because of the shrinking supply of petrol then it is concreteblock
that will
put ORDER into farming. The tractor at present puts order into farming,
in the future when petrol is rare then it will be ConcreteBlock that
puts Order
into farming.

Archimedes Plutonium,
whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots
of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

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