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  1. Re: Spherical algae balls?
  2. Re: Too much light? (and affordable lighting source)
  3. The Art of Water Relaxation
  4. Black Moor goldfish
  5. pond liner
  6. Art of Water Relaxation
  7. Export fresh Cladophora aegagropila moss
  8. Are you LONELY and STRESSED?
  9. Are You STRESSED ??
  10. Water Softening
  11. Are You STRESSED ?
  12. digital ballasts
  13. Real Freshwater Aquarium Plants
  14. Stress Relief via Water Relaxation
  15. Species of reed
  16. Fake Degrees & Transcripts
  17. novelty degrees & transcripts
  18. Heard about the aquatic plant ban in Texas? Your state next?
  19. Stress Relief by Water Relaxation
  20. Ban the book Global Warming Is Good
  21. Re: Availables : More that 3800 Solutions manuals and Test Banks (Part 1)
  22. Urgent
  23. Wincom--China Consultation
  25. Which is the best plant to be grown inside my pond?
  26. Re
  27. Reverse Osmosis Systems
  28. Roman Pottery Information
  29. Bulbs for a twin tube hood
  30. Lighting for a Planted 29 gal high
  31. Red aquarium plants
  32. Is the APD list OK ?
  33. Best Lighting System
  34. AT&T Usenet Netnews Service Shutting Down
  35. disused watercress beds - what plants ?
  36. Marimo balls now in retail stores
  37. Suggestions for buying Fourmost Bulkhead Fittings in UK for DIY CO2
  38. DIY micronutrients
  39. Wanted to know the details about Bottle brush plant.....
  40. Plants that grow well...
  41. Re: Looking for free-floating plant species
  42. Marimo Balls, Moss Balls, Aegagropila linnaei, Cladophora aegagropila
  43. Re: Looking for free-floating plant species
  44. Re: Looking for free-floating plant species
  45. looking for a Magnum 350
  46. GH = 6, Ca++ = 30 ppm, Mg = ?
  47. Welcome to our swimming pool store plantsters
  48. DIY aquatic fertilizer question
  49. Help us save usenet news for Time-Warner customers
  50. Aqua Photo
  51. What happened to this group?
  52. A Question about Wardley's Pond "TEN" pellets,...
  53. A Query about Wardley's Pond "TEN" pellets,...
  54. planting for a natural stream
  55. Wow, what happened to this group?
  56. Freshwater Pearl Necklace Sets Foundation for the Perfect Look(freshwater pearl necklaces)
  57. we sell edible oil and boidiesel and refined crude oil
  58. Aquabid
  59. anyone in sw england???
  62. Erotic Adult Entertainment
  63. Adult Entertainment
  64. Web page that may be of interest to aquarium plant hobbyists
  65. Diluting Fluorish for small tank
  66. ECAS Meeting (Moncton, NB): Kim Langille: Underwater Photography
  67. Disease and the Aging Aquarium
  68. Clown Loaches in planted tank?
  69. Anacharis dying
  70. Plant Quality Issues
  71. Best Place to Purchase Live Plants
  72. Anacharis Aqua plant
  73. Growing Plants the biotech way
  74. How long will green spider plants last in aquarium?
  75. Wiring pendant lamp
  76. Freshwater supplies threatened in central Pacific
  77. New Member
  78. Dumping Arbitrary pH
  79. NO3 toxicity and it's application to planted tank dosing via KNO3
  80. Tropical Fish And Fish Aquarium
  81. Desktop Background
  82. green water
  83. Plants by post
  84. Gas buildup in my substrate
  85. crayfish
  86. Aquatic plant sediment test
  87. Fissidens moss, riccia and other plants, co2 reactors and african cichlids.
  88. Daphnia?
  89. gypsum in water
  90. Hi Red
  91. Plants loosing colour
  92. Re: Hey Jan
  93. Cichlids and plants available
  94. Riccia, baby tears, and red ludwigia aquarium plants
  95. Riccia, baby tears, and red ludwigia aquarium plants
  96. Riccia, babby tear's and red ludwigia aquarium plants
  97. dry ice as co2 source any thoughts if so, how or y not
  98. Chinese Manufacturer seeking customers all over the world!
  99. Duckweed Source
  100. Lighting fixture upgrade. Questions
  101. Is Anostomus anostomus an algae eater ?
  102. Moss ball
  103. Java fern question
  104. forums for aquaria plants
  105. wallmart plant seed packs and more questions
  106. Bicarbonate and CO2 uptake
  107. Info on trolls
  108. Trolls
  109. Get Tropical Fish Secrets
  110. Re: Great to have this board up!
  111. New UK aquatic plant society (UKAPS)
  112. New UK aquatic plant society (UKAPS)
  113. Why algae attaches to plants
  114. Amano is coming to the UK
  115. How to keep Glossos anchored ?
  116. What is the maximum NO3 for fished ?
  117. What is the maximum CO2 for fishes ?
  118. HUGE 955g Acrylic Aquarium on eBay
  119. NO3 and NH4 toxicity
  120. Mercury lights for sale (UK)
  121. Re: Integrity of moderated ponds gropup in question
  122. NO3 level and growth of aquatic plant ref: Paul Krombholz 1966
  123. Lace plant and apoptotic tissue formation of leaves
  124. Lace plant and apoptotic tissue formation of leaves
  125. Planted Tank maintainence
  126. Re: Trying to join RPM? Don;t wanna hear it dude, take your issues up with Carol Gulley
  127. bleach treatment for soaking plants to remove snails, how long?
  128. Re: Trying to join RPM?
  129. To know more about tropical fish
  130. Wally World has hardy lilys for $5.44..............get em while they last! ;-)
  131. Attaching Java Fern to drift wood
  132. CO2 and nitrogen status in plants
  133. Amazon Sward Plant
  134. to everyone
  135. i hate everything
  136. Yep and J. M. Loralee is yet another of Carol Gulleys morphs....
  137. Free Website Designing solution+MORE
  138. Java Fern ??
  139. Advice on choice of shrimps and/or fish for a plant tank
  140. Roots growing from stems of plants
  141. Plants, seeds, flowers, gardens
  142. Sea Shells in a freshwater tank
  143. my mysterious plants and cichlids
  144. Plant Swaps
  145. the best websites
  146. Cryptocoryns cordata grabowski - new pics
  147. Red plants
  148. Plants for low tech low light newbie tank
  149. Buying plants on-line
  150. New setup in Kenosha, WI
  151. I'm an idiot - please help me save my Amazon Sword
  152. co2 bubble count
  153. [OT] There is proposal for a new Rec.Ponds.Moderated newsgroup -please read inside
  154. Aquarium Plant Book
  155. Stupid beginner problems
  156. How long does your CO2 tank typically last you?
  157. Carbon filter
  158. The Healthiest Discus Fish, Full Of Bright Colors And Amazing Confidence
  159. Heads Up
  160. Tiger Lily
  161. diy lighting
  162. Plants for sale
  163. where to buy brewers yeast
  164. The Lost Secrets of Growing Magical Orchids
  165. Bacopa myriophylloides
  166. Indoor Gardening
  167. Hermetically sealed aquarium
  168. Aquarium Supplies & Accessories
  169. pond fertilizer sticks in aquarium?
  170. Florida Driftwood's automated pH controller
  171. Secrets the Pet Stores Don't Want You to Know
  172. Don't order Fish at AZ Aquatic Gardens
  173. Don't order fish
  174. Plant trading/selling/throwing away???
  175. Waterfall School
  176. Cracked Bubble Counter
  177. looking for java moss...
  178. DIY Co2 Instructions for a Freshwater Aquarium Planted Tank
  179. Algae
  180. Building A 50,000 Gallon Monster Mega Tank
  181. Silly money
  182. Flourite and additional fertilizer
  183. Electronic Ballast with no bulbs
  184. test
  185. Cheap Metal Halide lighting
  186. Which compact light to use?
  187. iron tablets
  188. Sword is flowering again, now what?
  189. Aplocheilichthys normani
  190. Excel Overdosing
  191. Glossostigma
  192. BallastWise HID ballasts?
  193. nitrate levels for plants and fish...
  194. newplants/ols plants
  195. dropsy
  196. weird breeding onset....fish and plant...
  197. Sword plant gone terrestrial
  198. How to set-up Red Sea Bubble Counter :(
  199. Restarting Excel dosing
  200. When to dose?
  201. CO2 Injectors for Land Plants? Yes yes OT OT, I know...
  202. After a year and a half...
  203. Hornswort question
  204. Need an ID on these plants.
  205. T-5 vs. Standard Fluorescent... also T-6
  206. CO2 Diffusion
  207. Cabomba
  208. New public plant specific forum
  209. First time w/ plants. PMDD, DIY CO2, and lots of questions!
  210. anyone got excess java fern?
  211. Are Native River and Pond Plants Usable?
  212. Adding a 2nd CO2 reactor
  213. Researching new ebook
  214. Java Moss Help
  215. No more Green Dust Algae
  216. FREE-I have 2 complete aquariums with fish and plants I need to give away to someone in CT/MA this weekend
  217. SeaClear System II and lighting
  218. Algae film on surface of water
  219. bubbles
  220. Bacterial Bloom and Anacharis
  221. Diatom filters
  222. My Anacharis/Elodea plants are dying,...What do I do???
  223. Monthly welcome, links, and FAQ pointer
  224. Why no pearling?
  225. In seach of plants
  226. air bubbles on leaves after water change - why?
  227. PMDD, Plantex CSM+B, Greg Watson et al..
  228. Ammonia Hell, HELP!!!
  229. Not much luck with plants in my 5 gal tank?
  230. water circulation
  231. Best way to diffuse CO2 into Aquarium?
  232. Disposible CO2 bottle question
  233. Undergravel heater, sand and flourite
  234. Let's Roll Another
  235. Where's My RoiToy
  236. Removing sand in planted aquarium
  237. Re: I'll be Generous today
  238. My own question about fluorescent lighting....
  239. eheim filter support please
  240. A plant below the substrate
  241. Monthly welcome, FAQ pointer, and links
  242. Chipmaker on Koiphen Forum.........hahaha
  243. Looking for advice on CO2 setup
  244. CO2, PH levels and fish
  245. fishless aquarium
  246. Black Alge?
  247. Why free-floating plant leaves can float on water?
  248. nature
  249. looking for love?
  250. Send me your moss pictures