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Old 27-04-2003, 04:56 AM
Hussein M.
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Default You know what? Dogs pee there as well, that corner always stinks.

You know what? Dogs pee there as well, that corner always stinks.

In fact it often smells outright of dog poo.

I have explained elsewhere that very small children are enticed to
that corner from the public street to inspect the curious flower of
the Passiflora which doesn't quite look like anything they've ever
seen in the way of "flowsas".

If they already have the concept of outer space lodged in their
consciousness, as I had when I first marvelled, I suppose it's an
opportunity of which we shouldn't deprive them.

I said too that for the smell I had Artimisia growing there and was
wondering if anybody knew something better, maybe to deter the dogs
rather than just mask the smell.

The one I have presently on each corner of the gateway is "Powis
Castle syn, abrotanum". They are still quite small but the one by the
brick pier, bastion against really yucky world out there, is looking
so wonderfully fresh and green even through that dry weather and it
seems survives with as much mushroom compost that is left after the
occasional street pavement torrent full of heaven knows what crap
(whenever it rains).

It has a wonderfully aromatic scent and very soft leaves which
release it big time as you brush your fingers through

I have a pongy Santolina chamaecyparissus in the front but that
memory of D.J. is going somewhere else by the Cistus to bake in the
midday sun on very well drained soil. I have other Artemisia, some
very young arborescens (Southernwood, Lad's Love) lurking somewhere
near a rose, I think.

I am seriously thinking of "shrubifying' the passiflora with some
fairly brutal pruning though. It's a real mess at this present time.
It can stay low and stumpy and will have to peek through the Lad's
Love (3 ' eventually - just right to brush your fingers
unostentatiously as you walk past).

I should do it now I suppose. It's sap's rising. I might kill it.
Oh Dear.

But the dogs. What about the pong I'm so carefully trying to hide?

Actually I've got a tiny holly on either side too. They're wee yet.

Aaaah! So the Passiflora survives, the poor toddlers will have the
added fascination of not being able to touch the weird "flowsa" from
outer space (I've seen them on all fours examining with ginger finger
tips at one of the Passiflora blooms which has appeared lower down
with patient Mother looking on).

Anyone got suggestions of anything other than Artemisia. - Oh yes,
and with a little, foot high, 'stopped' holly bang in front of the
Passiflora in case some dog or other reckons his pheromones are a
match for the Artemisia?

Is there a "kill all birds with one stone" plant?


Grow a little garden

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