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Gil2 07-02-2004 06:42 AM

Growing Chillies - Freezing seeds
Hello, names Gil - New visitor

After a succesful attempt at growing chillies (spell it any way you like)
last year I am now quite proud of my home made tabasco. Emboldened by this
success I have bought several varieties of exotic chillies for next year
including some mind blowing Chocolate Habaneros. I am quite clear about the
need for heat, light, etc. What I am not sure about was that amongst the
notes sent by the seed supplier was a suggestion that the seeds could be put
in the fridge for a few months until ready to start the planting in March or

Any thoughts on this idea? Should I open the packet and try it with some ?
Am I already too late to do this?

Some of the seeds are marked as pre treated, others not.

Thanks for any comment.


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