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Default What do you get???

In aus.electronics Andy Wood wrote:

F Murtz wrote:

Wonder what you get

I'd say you will get the white one (a very common kind of timer on
Ebay and elsewhere, different voltage variants available), because in
the body of the listing, that is called "Programmable Timer Switch",
and that is the only "shape" you can select.

Perhaps they ran out of the green ones and it was easiest to remove
the selection for it?

A bit odd to list such different items together, but here is another
listing doing the same, where you can select either one, and the price
adjusts accordingly:

Yeah, this is very common on Ebay for popular items. They make a
multi-item listing with a picture of the more expensive item, and
the price for the cheaper item appears in the search results. That
way they get better visibility in the results for the more expensive
item even though they have the same price as everyone else.

If you try to find something like an 8GB USB memory stick, it will
drive you nuts because all the prices that come up will be for 128MB
sticks, and you only get to see the 8GB price after bringing up a
listing page and selecting the correct item.

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