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Default burrageara stefan isler how to grow?

Your orchid requires a LOT of light but not direct sun. Also, high
humidity is important. But do not over water. Too much water will
cause the roots to rot and you will eventually lose the plant. Do not
re-pot until there is absolutely no room left in the pot. You can tell
that by doing the squeeze test with the root ball. Take it out of the
pot and give it a gentle squeeze. If you can get it to give some, then
there is still room in pot. If it is tightly packed, then it is time to
re-pot. You can add a little orchid food to the water and feed weekly

Good luck!


On 12/28/2016 11:05 PM, wrote:
在 2000年1月4日星期二 UTC+8下午4:00:00,Chrissie Bannister写道:
I'm new to orchid growing. My husband gave me a beautiful burr stefan
isler for christmas and I have searched and searched for information on
how to care for it. I have gone to the orchid society's web page and
many other pages. I discovered that it's parents were Vuylstekeara Edna
and Oncidium Leuchochilum. It was registered in 1990 and supposedly
likes to grow in pots. Any help would be appreciated.

Chrissie Bannister

Hello Chrissie.
I have a uncle who is a orchid nympholept. He has been picked, cultivated a large number of various orchids in a farm specially for orchid growing for many yesrs. If you're still in need, I'd like to seek advice from him for you.

Hope your orchid is growing vigorously now.


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