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Default Breakfast

Yesterday I had a breakfast that was a first for me. It was dear wife's
turn to make breakfast. I ended up with a dish with these things in it:
fake eggs scrambled, chopped kale from the garden, and chopped
pre-cooked bacon. I was a little leery at first but after the first bite
it was really good. DW is always trying to get more veggies into me so
she did well this time. Generally I don't much care for greens except in
a salad but this breakfast was really tasty.

We've been getting a little rain here and there and, the last few days
we awakened to a very heavy fog, heavy enough to water the gardens and
the lawn. I will take that over a frog strangler dropping water for two
hours or so.

The spring garden is doing well and the pear tree is starting to bloom.
I see a few figs on that tree, even after it nearly froze to death in
January. The kumquat is not at blooming time but the frost bitten leaves
have come back and I'm hoping we will get a good crop.

The fall/spring greens are shoosting up to the sky so will be pulled
soon and into the new composter. Our five-year old one from Lowe's
collapsed a few weeks ago and has gone to composter heaven at the dump.
The new one was ordered on line and is much more sturdy and there were a
large amount of positive emails on that brand. Plus it is black and that
will help with the heat part of composting.

We had our Easter dinner last week as that was when the whole crowd was
available. Today we're roasting a big chicken with Miz Anne's wonderful
cornbread stuffing. Of course I had to make the Southern cornbread. G

We wish all the gardeners a Happy Easter.