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Default Breakfast

George Shirley wrote:
We wish all the gardeners a Happy Easter.

thank you George! hope you all had a
great day too.

everything sounds good to me. like you
i need to peel off a few lbs. i had a moderate
meal yesterday (one plate, some chocolate for
dessert and a few other things, but nothing too

not too much out of normal going on here.
i finished harvesting and redistributing the
deer poops from the front garden pathways
into the neighboring gardens where they will
do more good. with the ground still being
very wet i haven't done too much weeding yet
but will have to pick it up again as there are
some very short grasses already setting seeds
and some other weeds are flowering so i will
hope to head them off at the pass.

rains, sunshine, some warm days, a bit of
wind, critters, etc.

nothing planted yet, i have a few spring bulbs
that some friends had in planters that i will
stick in the ground. they will likely not
flower the next season, but the season after...
as they are free, it does not bother me at all
when they do what they will.

spring flowers aplenty. i really need to
divide some of these clumps of flowers up. i
have daydreams of taking many of them and putting
them along the road for a half mile to the north
of us (along a farm field - a lot of people drive
this stretch of road). i wish i could do it
sometime when nobody would know it.