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Default OT - new weed

Frank wrote:
Deer are a big problem. They eat things like ivy, crown vetch and
hostas. Unfortunately they do not eat these weeds. Lot of my neighbors
have abandoned their back yards, very hilly lots, and let nature take
over but my wife wants to keep it tame.

we have deer, rabbits, raccoons, and woodchucks
aplenty. one reason we keep an 8ft fence around
the veggie garden patches (which only keep the deer
out, it doesn't keep the rest out). we never even
bother trying to grow sweet corn because the
racoonians tend to get it.

the deer don't seem to go after the thyme at
all (at least i've not seen any signs of them
pawing at it or chewing on it).

once in a while we grab a few extra ground
cover plants from the greenhouse to see if they'll
survive our soils/conditions/critters.

last season i put in some Sandwort which is
now flowering and i'm hoping it will survive
where i've got it started. as usual it will
take a few years to know how it really does.