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Default october already!

On 10/2/2017 6:30 AM, Frank wrote:
On 10/1/2017 10:34 PM, songbird wrote:
Pavel314 wrote:
A friend of ours has several large black walnut trees in her yard.
She can't use them all so she invited us up to gather as many as we
wanted. We went up there last week and came home with three
five-gallon pails full. My wife is processing them; she says it
reminds her of her childhood in the mountains of eastern Tennessee.

** there's a lot of black walnut trees around
here, the squirrels drop them in the road and
let people run over them.

** last time i picked a bunch of black walnuts
and shelled them out i made some black walnut
cookies.* it was a lot of work but worth it.
i tried making walnut cookies with regular
walnuts, but they just weren't the same...

** i will likely buy some black walnuts next
time i make those kind of cookies.* my hands
are too useful to risk more damage like that.

** songbird

I made the mistake of planting a couple of English walnuts.* Never got
any nuts as squirrels would get to them before they even matured.* Early
this year one got blown over and I had it removed but it displaced the
other and it is not tolerating it well so I have to have it removed.

Been over 40 years ago that we moved into this house when it was new and
I am still correcting my planting mistakes with trees and bushes.

Been there, done that. Every house we've lived in has been spruced up,
the gardens done to our wants, then we move on to my next job as I
climbed the management of safety in chemical plants and refineries
around the world. I'm pretty sure we're going to stay in this house
until we're either dead or gone to a nursing home. Small property but
wife has most of the ground covered with flowers, etc. and our small
vegetable garden. At our age that's about what we can handle. I keep the
books, wife keeps the small lawn mowed, and takes care of the gardens. I
also do most of the cooking and cleaning. Can't walk well on uneven
ground but can get around with my cane in the house. Works well for us
and has been working well for a goodly amount of time.

George, up early to feed the dawg, as usual.