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Default a few bean pics

On 10/22/2017 9:08 AM, songbird wrote:
George Shirley wrote:
Y'all must buy Beano by the case. VBG

i've never needed it. my body seems to
adapt to them just fine. it does help if you
don't start on them all at once, but just
gradually add them to the diet and increase
a little as you go...

the other thing is that many people cook
them with a lot of spices and other things
and so if there is any extra gas produced
they really notice it. we don't often do
that instead we just boil them plain and
then use them later (and freeze some too
for other times) in other dishes or as a
filler. Mom puts some on her salads, i just
eat 'em plain or with a little hot sauce
and butter on them.


We do about the same, cook the beans with a bit of salt and pepper, then
aid whatever we want when done and ready to eat. My favorites are large
lima, and pinto beans. Sometimes black beans, etc., etc. My favorite is
lima beans cooked with ham hock or just chunks of ham, toss in some
chopped onions, maybe some chopped sweet peppers, put over brown rice,
and a wee bit of hot sauce for more flavor. The other way is pinto beans
with all the fancy stuff over cornbread, again a little hot sauce, wife
always leaves out the hot sauce. Would think that after 50 odd years in
the south that Maryland girl could get used to a little heat. G

She's at her church bazaar today hoping to sell some of her watercolors,
generally she does well with church bazaar's. Me and the dawg are going
to be napping in the peace and quiet.