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Default Who do I sue?

On 10/29/2017 11:50 PM, wrote:
All summer I had a nice tomato plant in my tiny garden. It was slow in
producing tomatoes. It was just beginning to produce. It was still young
and vital. Last night the temperature dropped into the 20s. That killed
my tomato plant.

Folks, that is intentional MURDER. I want to file a lawsuit against
someome responsible. Whether it's the tv weather reporter, the state or
county government, or even God, I am suing. This was a case of first
degree murder and someone is going to pay. First thing tomorrow morning
I am calling my lawyer.

Who do you think is responsible and who should I sue?
I'm gonna take them for everything they got.

I am sorry to inform you but, since tomatoes are a significant article
of commerce, the Republicans insist you cannot sue. Instead, you must
go to binding arbitration. Since you planted the tomato in an area
where frost might occur, you must arbitrate against yourself.

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