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Default Peat Pots

On 06/10/2018 03:21 PM, T wrote:
On 03/15/2018 06:06 AM, Terry Coombs wrote:
and **** Poor Performance . I don't understand it , the same seed ,
soil , and growing conditions and the plastic cells far outdo the
little strips of 8 peat pots . I like the concept , just slit it and
bury it without disturbing the roots too much . But the whole thing
doesn't work unless the seedlings actually grow . I planted 4 kinds of
peppers in these , multiple seeds per cell because I know they're old
and the germ rate is likely low - did the same with some other peppers
and the tomatoes in the plastic cells . The peat pots had exactly 2
seeds germinate of probably 64 or more seeds . The plastic were
over-run , and in fact all the seedlings now in peat were germinated
in plastic . Even allowing for the stress of being moved , they just
ain't gettin' it . They have nice color , look good , just aren't
growing as fast . I'm wondering if I need some supplemental N or
something - maybe a light shot of Miracle Grow , since it's high in N
at 24/8/16 . I just don't know what to do at this point , but I'd like
to save these seedlings . They're extras to me , but I planned to give
them to a neighbor (the one with the rabbits) . He works for a living
and doesn't have the time I do to devote to this stuff .

I have a barrel I grow cherry tomatoes in.* Every year a
weed decides it is a nice place to grow and it is.* Not
an issue because the solid is really loose easy to pull
weeds out of.

Well this years foolish weed, when I pulled him out, up
comes the weed and an intact peat pot.


Oh ya, and I haven't used peat pots in it for about
three years