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Default done planting beans

Nyssa wrote:
Dang! That's a LOT of beans!

I haven't planted by favorite Blue Lake beans because
of losing two rows to Bambi last season and still having
the moochers hanging around. sob!

Nyssa, who could practically live on fresh Blue Lake beans
in the summer when the crop is good

i like fresh beans too. wax beans, green beans,
shellies, crunchy, lightly steamed, boiled to mush
is even acceptable in some things (sheppards pie)...
i usually am sampling at all stages any new variety
to see how they're going to work out.

fence is all that works here and even then sometimes
they find ways in or over. they ran down some fence
out front the other night. it's only chicken wire and
the poles weren't that strong either so they managed to
knock it down. i have good poles going up and much
better fence but need to recover some more before i
start in on that project.

a good fence makes for tolerable bambi's. i'm pretty
sure i'll put in a hot wire aka electric fence in