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Default Ping Songbird: what variety of garlic do yo grow?

T wrote:
Hi Songbird and Everyone,

Burpee's horticulturalist confirmed that my Purple
Glazer garlic is a loss for the season and that it
was due to a sudden warm spell in May.

You live in a hotter climate, with a longer growing
season than do I, without any "warm spell" wiping you
out. What variety of Garlic do you grow?

i don't think it is necessarily warmer or longer
growing season here, but we do have more rain and
better soil and that's going to make a difference
for all sorts of things.

the garlic came from a friend who'd been growing
it all her life and it came from her uncle who had
grown it for 40yrs before she got it. not sure
what variety it is other than it is a hard-necked
garlic. it has likely been in this area more than

i'm not sure ours is doing that great this year
either. it is just getting scapes on it now. i
have plenty. send me your mailing address and i
can send some to you to try. i'll warn you though
that it can spread very easily by the scapes if
you don't get them all...

my sister put some at her place in southern
Colorado some years ago and she says it is still
there, but i'm not sure how well it is doing. i
don't think they've cultivated it yet in a garden.