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Default rototilling rocky soil

On 6/29/2018 5:19 PM, wrote:
On Fri, 29 Jun 2018 18:44:04 GMT, Granny
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replying to Charlie, Granny wrote:
Thank you! I had the same question and your answer was well written and very

No rototiller can handle soil with many large rocks. You'll need to
dig them out by hand with a shovel or simply mark off the area you
want to plant and build a frame of rail road ties at least a foot high
and have good top soil brought in to fill it, that's what I did for my
vegetable garden. Often it's better not to disturb the base soil
regardless of rocks as it makes for good drainage. I used real RR
ties, used ones were $8 each. To keep them from shifting I
drilled three holes in each and used 3' sections of rebar to stake
them in place. I also made up some aluminum fish plates to splice the
RR tie ends and corners. Every two years I till in a couple of yards
of composted mushroom growing mix, for that I use a Mantis tiller, so
easy to control even an eight year old child can use it. Don't let
the small size of a Mantis tiller fool you, it works like a beast
without straining your body. Originally I bought an 8 horsepower
Simplicity tiller, wore me out, after an hour I needed a rest. I sold
it and bought the Mantis, everyone who gardens needs one. Here I
added an addition. By reversing the tines on the Mantis it will puree
grass including the roots.

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