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Default Not quite garden to table

Terry Coombs wrote:
* The last batch of tomatoes is currently making an extended stop in
the big stock pot ... accompanied by hamburger , onions , mushrooms ,
and a host of delicate spices . And the house smells marvelous . I had
to break down and spray the tomatoes with Daconil or risk losing them to
blight - also blew a good coat of DE on them after that was dry to
control squash beetles . This is the first year I've had problems with
them on the 'maters . Put up 10 half-pints of peppers a couple of days
ago , pickled of course . This year is exceeding my expectations ...

we get a late blight every year. i've never
sprayed anything because we get plenty of fruits
finished anyways. we have squash beetles here
too, but they've never damaged the tomatoes. i
wonder if they're just going after the moisture...
we have had enough rains recently so there is no
problem with drought. it has been plenty hot