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Default What to Plant

I have a coner of my front garden that currently contains a
mature much over grown and over pruned magnolia tree. Sadly it
has to come down as it is pushing against the wall and I spend
a lot of time in the summer cutting back new shoots that spread
acrosss the pavement and into the road!

I want to replace it with something less vigorous, but still
attractive. The corner is basically south facing with a roughly
1 meter high brick wall to the west and north. It gets a little
sun early in the morning, and then is shaded by the house until
early afternoon.

I think I'd like something that will grow reasonably quickly to
about 1.5 meters and spread similarly. There are a couple of
small azelea's near by that do well, but a camelia is

What would folks suggest please, nothing too exotic or
timeconsuming, age is getting the better of me

Many Thanks

Roger T

700 ft up in Mid-Wales