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Default Review: bogatyr garlic

T wrote:
Mine always loved the cold. What made mine fail
every year was a sudden warm spell. And I did water
them. I just had the wrong variety

hope they do well for you this year!

i sent some back with my sister for her
to put on her land year ago and she says the
clump they planted is still there, but only
recently is someone there who gardens and
takes care of things so i will be interested
to see if he can get it to become larger
cloves again or not.

here i can get some of the single cloves to
reach the size of my thumb or bigger. if you
don't have good soil and enough water and don't
divide the cloves up and give them space they'll
still grow but may not get big. when i replant
i always use the largest cloves from several
bulbs. this year i expect i won't have any
left as i have requests from people to send them
some so they can plant it out.

i let the scapes grow out on the bigger plants
because even they will get big enough to be worth
eating, but this year i'll keep them all to pass
along. they were my most popular item at the seed
swap even if the time was wrong for planting them.