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Default Another berry good day

Terry Coombs wrote:

* Looks like we may get tired of strawberries ... nah , that ain't
happening !

it hasn't happened to me yet either, but i have had
so many that i've invited others to come pick and then
gone out and helped them pick because i was so happy
to have someone else put them to use.

Picked another basket this morning to be sure we had enough
for a batch of jam , coulda made 2 batches with these and what I picked
on Thursday . So Mrs Snag made one batch and cut a bowl full up for
shortcake . That makes 17 half pints of jam so far . Still have some
fresh berries in the fridge which I plan to freeze tomorrow . A cup of
berries and a quarter cup of sugar , seal in a vacuum bag and
refrigerate for a day to develop the syrup before I freeze them .

hmm... i guess that would be one way to do it. i've
heard of people putting them on a tray and then freezing
them before bagging. i tried one year freezing mashed
berries in pint jars but they were starting to ferment
when i did that and i was hoping the freezing would kill
off the ferment. it didn't... only a few jars were
edible. the rest were like a glob of sorta strawberry
wine smelling stuff. the worms were happy to have it...
i suppose i should have got vids of drunken worms.

cosmos are a great mid to late summer flower, annual
but prolific and all sorts of bees seem to like them.

buckwheat in small amounts can be planted at intervals
if you need a patch to help out that is quickly

damaged . Oh , and I forgot about the small pot of chives , they're
ready for a bigger home so they'll get repotted to a 6" container . Now
I need to learn where/when to use them ...

best in the early to mid spring and late summer IMO.

if you don't want them to spread you'll have to remove
the seed heads after they have flowered for a bit. and
by spread i mean take over... i've removed some large
patches of them and i can say that i truly hate the
smell of chive roots/dirt clumps.

does sprouting mung beans in
a jar count as "gardening" ?