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Default Reusing Compost

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Jeff Layman wrote:
On 21/05/19 10:03, Roger Tonkin wrote:
I was clearing the tubs that help the spring bubls and putting
the used copmost on the veggie patch.

SWMBO asked why I did not use it again, rather than buy new.
Tactfully explained that all the nutrients would have been used
up by the bulbs and if she wanted a good displaing plants this
year it needed fresh soil. Her response, well why don't you
just add the nutrients, you've got a big bucket of Growmore in
the garage!

I wonder - is she right?


A handful of Growmore, or a slow release fertiliser like Osmocote should
see you ok for next year. I reuse everything - from compost in pots,
seedtrays, plugs, etc. Maybe add a bit of fertiliser if I remember, or
some new compost. And I never wash old pots - I just brush them out with
an old washing-up brush (and no, I don't put it back by the sink after

No, Growmore alone will NOT work - most especially not on 'soilless'
compost. It is a NPK fertiliser, and the compost will be depleted
of many of the other nutrients. Miraclegrow and other 'complete'
fertilisers will work. I don't know what Osmocote contains.

Nick Maclaren.