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Default Making Greenhouses?

On 11/06/2019 12:28, Jeff Layman wrote:
On 11/06/19 09:01, Charlie Pridham wrote:
Later this year I will be helping son construct a new mist propagation
greenhouse, he is wanting to do it in wood with polycarbinate. I am
pretty sure the area he has ear marked and base built is non standard
size and shape hence his decision .
Many years ago I was able to buy glazing bars etc in stove coated
alluminium to recover my old victorian leantoo but I cant now find
anyone supplying lengths of alluminium glazing bar.

My feeling is if we can get hold of proper greenhouse mouldings it will
have a much longer useful life and require less upkeep than if we build
in wood.
Does any one know of a supplier?

Sorry, but I have my extra-thick head on today. What exactly is a "mist
propagation greenhouse"? I've heard of greenhouses, and mist-propagation
units which fit in them, but never a greenhouse intended for mist
propagation. Just how /long/ are the cuttings?!

Whatever, have you considered second-hand greenhouses? Yes, you've the
problem of dismantling and transport, but aluminium greenhouses can be
had pretty cheaply, even if you have to replace a good bit of the glass
(or polycarbonate). And it might be possible to get a few and adjust
them to fit your son's site when reassembled. Quite a few in Devon and
Cornwall (and elsewhere) he

Imagine a standard 8x14' greenhouse (just for example) put a 3' bench on
either side and mist nozzles every 3' up the centre of the benches, so
every time the mist fires water hits the glass and frame (as well as the
intended target - the cuttings) the only way to avoid this is to have a
much bigger greenhouse and have the bench up the middle with the paths
at the sides like the one at Hill House, unfortunately we dont have the
space or budget for that.

Charlie Pridham
Gardening in Cornwall