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Bob Hobden wrote:
On 14 Jun 2019 17:55, (Nick Maclaren) wrote:

Amaranthus dubious, that is. Has anyone grown this? I am trying, but
it seems to be terribly slow growing. I am wondering if it is one of
the plants that likes heat, and doesn't grow significantly at lower
temperatures (e.g. below 20 Celsius).

I am growing some at the moment. Given seeds of a red leaved plant by
the chaps in our Indian (actually Bangladeshi) restaurant I've managed
to identify it as an Amaranth. Germinated well in the heat of our
greenhouse but seems very slow growing, I've actually put the tray back
into the greenhouse to try to get it going again.

Thanks. Mine is in our conservatory at present! I have grown the
common red-leaved amaranth (A. caudatus?) and did not like it at all.
A. blitum or A. viridis might do better.

They also gave me seeds of a bottle gourd and a snake gourd which I
know should do OK.

Really? I doubt that you will get them to ripen, but probably don't
want to.

Nick Maclaren.