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Default tomato? Solanum or Lycopersicon potato was a mutated tomato some 1

someone wrote:

the tomato and potato are, indeed, of the SAME genus (I'm sorry dude ...

I'm not). Its is rather old news that the tomato's genus name has

from Lycopersicon esculentum to Solanum lycopersicum (And it was
LycopersicON, dude, NOT LycopersicUM).

+ + +

As far as I know the majority view is that Lycopersicon is an

genus. However it certainly is not cast in stone. There have been, and
likely still are, those who regard the tomato and potato as belonging to

same genus

I believe the Tomato is Solanum and not Lycopersicon. I believe this because
I hypothesize that some million/s of years ago the Tomato plants of South
America, a few of them gained a mutation. And this mutation of a few tomato
plants had the tomato fruit buried in the soil so that the fruit became a tuber.

And thus was born the first creation of the potato plant.

And since Potato plant is a Solanum, then obviously the tomato is a Solanum.

Question: do the Paleontologists have any fossil record of the tomato and
Does the tomato exist further back in time than the potato? My guess is yes
considering the above Hypothesis.

And one should be able to duplicate the experiment that Nature already did. One
should be able to find a *wild tomato* and by testing thousands of these wild
tomatoes one should be able to find one of these wild-tomatoes place its fruit
the ground and become a *tuber*.

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