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Default Garlic, Onions and first harvest

Hi All,

We had some warm weather earlier this week and my garlic
had a growth spurt. They are now 6 to 8 inches tall.
So I figured it was time to plant my yellow onions
balls from Wally World. Spread out a bunch of fertilizer
and dug it in.

The soil felt wonderful to the touch!

And to my surprise, the green onions (scallions) I have
in my feral bin are not 1 to 18 inches tall. Today we
had some snow, that I went out and harvested any green
onions branches/leaves that had bent over in the snow.

And the snow will be a perfect snow watering of my onions.

So, my first harvest this year was in the snow!

My berry plants are starting to get some new leaves too.

I have a good feeling about this year!