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Default Potatoes Planted

On Friday, March 27, 2020 at 12:36:45 AM UTC-4, T wrote:
On 2020-03-26 10:28, Pavel314 wrote:
We finished planting the potatoes today, Thursday, 3/26. We planted the first half on Tuesday but yesterday was raining so we had to wait until today. Hard working in the wet dirt; it sticks to the tools and boots. Didn't Napoleon say something about the mud also sticks to the boots of the enemy?


Hi Paul,

I can not eat potatoes anymore (T2 Diabetes), so I will
have to live vicariously though you. (Lucky you!)

Did you plant any special variety(ies)? And is there
no more chance of a freeze?

And did you miss any potatoes last year that have popped up?



We planted Purple Viking potatoes. After harvesting last year's crop, we had a lot of small potatoes left over so we saved them as seed potatoes for this year. I used the flat blade of the mattock to carve out three parallel trenches in a 25 foot bed and planted the seed potatoes in the trenches.

Very unlikely that we'll get any more hard freezes; if we do, I'll cover the bed with a tarp to keep the heat in. We usually plant our potatoes on Saint Patrick's day, but it was rained out this year.

I haven't noticed any missed potatoes yet but my wife did find a celery plant the other day that seems to have survived winter in the wild quite well.