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Default Seed and cutting compost?

Pwllgloyw wrote:
On 13/05/2020 15:34, David wrote:
I tend to use Multi-Purpose for everything, but my first lot of sowings of
small seeds look to be struggling a bit with the large particle size.

Do all seed and cutting composts have a smaller particle size, and does
this make a big difference?


Dave R

I've noticed recently that the multi-purpose I bought (Jack Magic from
Westland) has a lot of small stones in it, around 50mm so is probably no
use for seeds. Having bought 3 for 2, I'm stuck with it jsut for the
troughs and large pots

50mm?? That's 2 inches, hardly what I'd call small stones, I'd return
it regardless of whether it was a "3 for 2" or whatever.

Chris Green