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Default purple dove beans

On 2020-10-10 13:34, songbird wrote:
T wrote:
Too bad I can't eat beans (drug free diabetic)

nothing i'm reading says beans are major trouble
for a diabetic if you don't overdo it. if they are
used to substitute for higher GI foods or those
without fiber they can help moderate blood sugar.
of course it depends a lot upon how they are made -
around here i make them plain (boil in water
without any salt) and they're going to be a lot
healthier than hot dogs, burgers or many other


Hi Songbird,

Basically I am on what is called the "Historically Appropriate
Human Diet" or Ketogenic for short.

My morning blood sugar yesterday day at 89 mg/dL and this morning was 90
mg/dL. My lowest was 73 mg/dL. Glycogenesis
kicks in for me at about 75 mg/dL so I can not get low blood

Keto's can go a lot lower before passing out as our
brains are converted to burning keytones and fatty acids.
But glycogenesis kicks in before we even get close.

I live and die by Glycemic Load:

I am
15 grams of carbs per meal
60 grams max per day. No sharing between meals
Glycemic Load 15 max per day
No subtracting fiber from carbs.

Polysaccharides (fiber) still converts into blood sugar,
although more slowly. This is why carb / fiber subtractors
do not lose weight.

Here are pinto beans:

Beans, pinto, mature seeds, cooked, boiled, with salt:

1 cup:
Glycemic load 15 (my max for the day)
Carbs: 44.8 (way over 15 per meal)

Beans would be deadly for me.

Here is a long missive on beans:

I do miss beans some times. But I like having my feet and
legs attached to my body much more so.

A brother of a distant brother-in-law died last month on
the operating table to remove his legs. He either could not
kick the high glycemic carbohydrate addiction and
was using drugs to fool the blood sugar meter or
he did not get good medical advice (maybe both).

Most standard allopaths do not know how to treat T2.
Some do though. I got lucky. Odd though, most
chiropractors and almost all naturepaths do know how
to treat T2.