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On Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 10:00:14 AM UTC-5, songbird wrote:
Bloke Down The Pub wrote:
My kitchen waste goes in to a 2 litre box and that is emptied in to, I would
guess a 50 litre, black compost bin, with a lid to keep the flies, parrots
and ravens at bay. I have never seen the compost bin more than half full
and that would be on a leaf collection binge. As the bin is lightweight
plastic with an open bottom I move it about the garden every 3 to 6 months
and just rake what's there in to the current garden bed.

that would be easy.

since i use the results that come out of the worm farm as
my fertilizer i normally put down trenches in gardens where i
need to use it then cover it back up and then plant. as i've
been doing this coming up on 11yrs now it has been interesting
to see how the gardens respond and the worm populations change.

when starting out a new garden in this clay it is often that
i won't find any or many worms in the soil as i dig, but after
a few years of gardening and using the worm compost i will
start finding worms that survive our hot and cold seasons.

of course the worms love any organic matter i can find and
bury in any garden. full clay isn't their favorite place to
be but some clay is preferred over all sandy soils especially
for the night crawlers.


Most of our kitchen scraps go to the sheep who enjoy an occasional change to their diet.