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Default Thinking abut a cordless hedgetrimmer

In uk.d-i-y Harry Bloomfield, Esq. wrote:
Here, that would involve around 4 or 5 recharges, so a 10 hour day
cutting, instead of the couple of hours work at present, we don't
really have that much hedge.

Lidl were doing cordless branch cutters, which had a small and light 3-cell
(10.8v) lithium ion battery. The battery life was about 10 minutes of
runtime (bearing in mind each branch takes a few seconds, and most of the
time is moving into position for the cut).

Problem was, one job I wanted to do was off-grid, but a petrol cutter wasn't
an option.

So I bought four of them (£25 each). That means I got four batteries and
four chargers. Enough for 40 mins of runtime. I had a car on-site that I
could use to power an inverter.

I could then charge batteries in relays - as one battery went flat I put it
on the charger and picked up a freshly charged one. Although I never
actually needed to do that in the end, and 1-2 batteries are enough for most
domestic jobs.