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K Bains
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Default Beware of Gardener

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In article , K Bains
Please beware of Colin the Gardener from:-

Midland Lawn Cutting & Garden Services, Flat 10 Lowrey Court,

Midlands, B68 9TZ

Mobile: 07901 912759
Tel: 0800 2982369

Colin took 25 to mow and weed a small garden, the job was never

not trustworthy and I highly recommend people to keep away from his


Kind regards.


Kay I was very interested in this posting and I have cross posted to
uk.rec.gardening where a discussion has been going on re charges for
this type of service. Was the 25.00 the full payment and how long did
he say it would take him? Did he quote an hourly rate?


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Hi there, he seemed very interested and said the first charge would be

which I stupidly paid, its a small garden so any work carried out would

been finished within the hour. After that the hourly rate would have

5 an hour.

When I rang Colin today, he said his van was broken and for me to find
another gardener, and then switched off his mobile.

I know I've been done out by this cheapskate of a dog!

And have you reported him to the trading standards office?

I did think about reporting him, but no such agreement/contract was signed,
I ain't got a case.