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Default Territorial mockingbird hogging feeder

I too have a selfish Mockingbird. I noticed last weekend that although it
harassed the bluebirds, titmice, etc. for a while, eventually, I would see
bluebirds and other birds eating also. This morning before I left for
work, it was right back guarding the feeder.

I will put out another feeder or two. This is a strategy which has worked
with rufous hummingbirds in the past when I lived in Colorado. There is
only so much territory they can guard!

Let me know how this works for you. I'll keep you posted on my results



In article , Daniel B.
Martin wrote:
... but he keeps coming back and I can't be there all day.

You must decide to kill him or tolerate him. I urge toleration.

Daniel B. Martin

I don't want to kill him, which is why I chose to put another feeder
in the front on the driveway. I am considering putting one way out
in the garden in hopes he will run himself ragged between that one and
backyard one close to the house. he does not seem to bother the wrens and
smaller birds, but I have seen no woodpeckers, cardinals and other
larger birds.

I do have a squirrel trap and just might try trapping him on a weekend.
I don't know that he would even enter one. Maybe if I put a fake bird
in it?

Wes )