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Default Silent as the tomb..........


Its after midnight and I read those figures incorrectly. They were all the
MINIMUMS, the maximums a Coffs 26, Hobart 24, Lonnie 24, Melb. 29.
Interestingly the forecast is for rain for Hobart, Lonnie and Melb. I have
the back door open at the moment and it smells like it could rain, but I've
been disappointed before.


"Judanne" wrote in message

"Fran Higham" wrote in message
????? Is that the site you mentioned above? If so I din't notice a
temperature comparison.

No, the home page I have is and there is a section on
the left side of the screen that has weather there and you can choose the
comparisons that you want. So for instance, for Wednesday 19 March, I

Coffs Harbour at 18, Hobart at 18, Launceston at 17 and Melbourne at 24.
You can click on "edit" and make it any comparison that you want. I just
chose them because I used to live in Melb, I live in Launceston, I

about Coffs and the State forecast is always for Hobart (which is usually
much colder and wetter than Lonnie).