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Gregory Young
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Default Feeding fish

You're right on, as usual Tom!
I should have emphasized that critical piece of the equation.. to reduce the
amount with each feed, to reach the same total daily amount.
I assumed people would know that.. mea culpa
Happy ponding,

"Tom La Bron" wrote in message

I have spoken about this before in this venue.

It is not the frequency that matters it is the amount you are feeding. I
feed my fish six times a day during the summer months that they are in the
ponds. If you are trying to get growth on your fish you feed 2% to 3% of
the combined fish's body weight and divide that by 6 and feed that amount

times a day.

If you are just looking for a maintenance feeding schedule you feed on 1%

the fish's combined body weight and divide that by 6 and feed that amount

times a day.

This gives the fish the most amount of nourishment it requires and gives

fish's digestive tract plenty of time to digest the food allowing the fish
to get the most use out of the food that you are giving.

It works great and is very effective.


Tom L.L.
"Just Me "Koi"" wrote in message
Someone once told me that the pros that feed their Koi so often will

a lot of water changes and have super duper filtration system, or they

a huge natural mud pond.