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Default If Mugabe leaves, will any whites bother coming back?

In article , (St0nesfan) wrote:

From: Hobo

If Mugabe leaves and Tsvangarai takes over, will any whites even bother
coming back?

(St0nesfan) WROTE:
Yes, only if the economy takes a turn for the better and if safety is restored.

This answer shows a poor understanding of socio-economic dynamics.
The economy would only 'take a turn for the better' IF muzungu
'came back'. Which will never happen.

Will the farms be returned?

I have often asked myself this question. We all know the farms are going to
waste right now. I would wager that perhaps they would be sold back to any
buyers or any illegal occupations might be reversed. The MDC understands the
need for food and foreign currency and commercial farming solves both of
those problems.

There are masses of fertile land in neighbouring Mocambique and
Zambia: the alledged scare resource needed to be confiscated from
the 'white' settlers. The real scarce resource is the muzungu's knowhow,
which has gone forever. Zimbabwe will follow its predestined path
to become like Zambia and then like Zaire/Congo.

Of course Zambia is 'in front' on this journey, since it has been
'free of the white settlers' longer. To know the future of any
of: south africa, zimbabwe, zambia; just look to the present state
of the 'more advance' (towards the destination: Zaire) country.
In future the 'train carraige' will be where the one ahead is now.

Chris Glur.