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Rich Conley
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Default 10gal. or smaller planted tank?

10 gallon tanks arent too bad to light though...because theyre so shallow... 11"
deep, minus 2 inches of gravel....30 watts of fluoro does me fine.

"S. Oung" wrote:

LeighMo wrote:
Can it be possible to have a planted tank which is 10gals or less(2.5gal)?

Yes, it's possible, but it's difficult. See Amano's second book. It features
small planted aquariums, many under a gallon!

But it's a lot of work. You have to choose plants and fish very carefully.
You may also find that you need a lot more light per gallon than you would in a
larger tank.


Tell me more, I'm interested: why do smaller tanks need more
light/gallon? Because crowded plants shade each other more?

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