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Default 10gal. or smaller planted tank?

It sure is possible. Easier than larger tanks too! IMO. You can see
on my web site I have two small tanks setup as planted
aquaria. One is an Eclipse 3 and the other is a 10 gallon. Both grow
plants very well and both are low light tanks. But I also maintain
numerous old glodfish bowls with tons of plants in them and they get
nothing but sunlight....

The trick is patience.... You have to experiment and be patient. You
will not have an Amano looking tank first time out (If you do you're
very lucky).

I used sand in my Eclipse and a Flourite/gravel mix in my ten.... So
experiment and see what works best for you.


Ed @
i-aquaria dot com

On Sat, 10 May 2003 03:42:38 GMT, JuanMa wrote:


Can it be possible to have a planted tank which is 10gals or less(2.5gal)?

What kind of lighting and chemicals should I use to keep the plants healthy
and thriving?

Can aragonite sand be used in such a tank(how much)? What can I use to keep
the plants in their place? What about compatible fish for the planted tank?

The 2.5gal tank I haven't bought it yet. I have a 10gal, but no lighting yet.
What kind of light should I use if I go with the 2.5gal? Can one of those
daylight fluorescent bulbs fit in the 2.5gal hood? Would it produce enough
light for the plants, or should I go DIY PC?

If I don't find any ideal type of sand, what could be the alternatives?

What plants do you recommend that I should start with?

I was thinking for livestock if I go with the 2.5gal. some fancy guppies or
neon tetras or two angels. If I go with the 10gal. the livestock will be a
little more varied, but not too much.

I was told that aragonite sand can make the water too alkaline? will it make
it so, even if I wash the sand?