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Default Re-Grading a Back Yard

The only advice I can give you is that it really is important to make sure you
get it graded with all water running away from the house.

I doubt if you remember, but maybe you might, several years ago here in Fort
Collins we had a floor that wiped out a trailer park. That same rain came down
all over town.

My mom called me, frantic, to tell me her basement was flooding. You could
tell from looking at their yard but there was a very slight bump about 20 feet
out that kept water from flowing away from the house. The downspouts didn't
extend that far from the house so all the water from the roof was draining
back towards the house and into a basement window well. I dug a trench so fast
it would make your head spin. Once the water was heading away from the house I
had to take care of the basement and a window well that was completely full of
water and leaking into the basement. What a night.

Good luck and grade well,
Laura B.