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Default Ok to add KNO3 without others?

"Dave M. Picklyk" wrote in message .ca...
To Tom Barr or any other PMDD specialists: I'm going to be dosing my
aquarium with potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, and potassium phospate.
Right now I can only get potassium nitrate (I can't get the others locally
but will within the next few weeks). Can I just add potassium nitrate alone
to the aquarium without the others?


Some is better than none if you are in need of NO3/K.
The more parts that make a plant grow, the better.

Some folks have larger fish loads, and get some N from the fish but
little K.

Some folks used just the KNO3 for the K portion as well. You get about
4ppm K and 6.3ppm of NO3 in 1/4 teaspoon diluted into 35 gallons of
water(not tank size).
Still keep the CO2, the NO3 and traces up. You'll run short mainly on
P and the K will be low is all.
If your tap water has enough PO4 added then, you can have excellent
result with KNO3 alone +the CO2, traces etc.

That's what I was doing and figured out I had the right amount of PO4
being added to the tap water which is why my plants did so well and
others did only so so.

Big water changes are a key. Nothing builds up if you do this and
nothing runs out if you add KNO3, CO2 etc.

You hit a "range" with basic teaspoon dosing and water changes.
And good export of detritus, any waste you might have pulled up during
pruning. Prune first, then algae scrub if needed, try and keep up on
the glass etc if needed. Last thing do a 50% or so water change. This
removes all that mulmy muck that will lower the O2 levels in the tank
quite a bit when brought up.
Then you add the nutrients back in. That's about it.

Tom Barr