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Default garden police gone wild?

Oh you'd hate me as a neighbor. My median strip has no turf and a heavy dose of
Gaura linderheimerii.

On Fri, 30 May 2003 20:17:57 GMT, "Cereoid-UR12yo" wrote:

You vote idiots into public office and that's what you get, Fluffy.

Most "nuisance vegetation" can be found on public property, especially
median strips, trying to be passed off as landscaping!

What about those trees and shrubs blocking traffic signs and with police
cars hiding behind them looking for "speeders"?

Dianna Visek wrote in message
Our town was in the process of reworking its "nuisance vegetation"
ordinance. The first draft outlawed all plants that had any parts
poisonous or injurious to humans or animals. We would have been left
with nothing but lettuce!

Regards, Dianna
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