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Default how to cook Aloe vera?

Hi John,

I saw that episode and remembered some details. But I wanted to be sure
so I checked the Burkes Backyard website. I entered the word "aloe" in
the SEARCH box on the home page. The only entry remotely relevant was
the 2003 archive about the "Aloe Ver Bra" ;-). And that was in that
episode too. Click on it. Here's a snip FYI.

Medicinal properties

Aloe vera is said to have healing properties. In fact, it has been used
medicinally for centuries. It has been identified in wall paintings in
ancient Egypt, where it was apparently used to treat catarrh. Alexander
the Great supposedly used aloes to heal his soldiers’ wounds. In
traditional Chinese medicine the pith and mucilaginous gel from inside
the leaves is boiled, sweetened with honey, then refrigerated and taken
as a tonic. (Note: pregnant women, nursing mothers and children should
not take aloe vera orally.)

John Savage wrote:
On Burkes Backyard, I think about 3 weeks ago, they showed how to cook
Aloe vera. The person who did the taste test said it was delicious. It
was pretty simple, but I didn't pay much attention thinking I'd get the
recipe from their web site later. But I can't find any mention of it
there, so I'm hoping someone else was taking notes. Anyone here?

There is mention of the net that Latinos use Aloe vera in cooking, but
no one seems to have produced a recipe. Other recipes for cooking it
would be welcome, too.