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dave @ stejonda
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Default froglets sticking on the paving

In message , Kay Easton

If you want to encourage frogs in your pond, it is sensible to have some
vegetation close to one part of it so frogs can emerge and head straight
into that.

I don't have paving all the way round. At the rear I have overhanging
slate then on one side there's a gently sloped stone-filled 'stream'
from the filter outlet and on the other side just a gentle slope of
stones. Froglets seem to be emerging on both sides but more on the
simple slope side. There is a big patch of untamed strawberry plants
right by the stream side providing ample cover and foraging material for
them. (I thought it might also keep the strawberries slug-free.) I'll
add some cover on the other side to provide a route into a nearby bed.

If you have paving slabs all the way around for more than a
few inches width, it's inevitable that in how weather some of the
froglets aren't going to make it.

Although most of the casualties appear overnight which suggests it isn't
just the hot weather.

What they're doing atm is trying to get out of the water and into
undergrowth where they can forage - they are entering the terrestrial
phase of their life. So even if they are overheating, they are going to
feel quite a strong urge to go forward rather than back to the water
they are trying to get away from.

Point acknowledged. Thanks Kay.

dave @ stejonda