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Old 23-06-2003, 04:44 AM
Poe Lim
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Default Flow rate into Dupla CO2 Reaktor 400

Having just set up CO2 with the Dupla kit, I'm wondering whether it's better
to have a high flow rate or low flow rate into the Reaktor 400; my current
seup requires a reducing T-piece as a take-off from my canister's return (as
the Dupla take-off is of a smaller diameter). The CO2 seems to be working
adequately (pH 7, kH 8) but there appears to be a lot of bubbles left in the
reactor that isn't dissolving (not sure if it's air ejected from the
canister), but none escapes through the hole for excess (I'm using hole #2).

For those who inject CO2, does swords usually release O2 from the centre of
the plant rather than the leaves?