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Default Planting roses in biodegradable pots?

"Polar" wrote in message

Just bought two new "bare-root" roses -- though many in that
huge display were already leafing out (So Calif)

For the last few years, nursery has been selling the bare
roots in biodegradable pots-- looks like some kind of cardboard? or?

One is supposed to plant the whole thing & it will

For some reason, I'm suspicious of these, and last year I
removed the pot and proceeded with normal planting.

Nursery guy said he has tried both ways with equal results.

Anybody have opinions/experience in my zone?



Zone 24/8
So. Calif Coastal


Don't do it. They don't rot down as fast as advertised. I transplanted a
White Dawn a year later and most of the pot was still intact. (Good thing I
had punched a few holes in it for the roots to escape.) Roses in smaller
than 3 gallon pots don't have a lot of roots to begin with and need all of
the help they can get. Even worse are those cardboard box hackroots that
masquerade as bare root roses that also suggest planting the box. Those
pitiful things, along with the plastic tube roses, have done more to turn
people off of America's national flower than Michigan Bulb.

Just remember, real roses have roots. And, not 3" ones either.

MS 7b